1. What Could Have Been
  2. Down
  3. Me Na In De
  4. Ratant Crow
  5. Nonbelievers
  6. Upon The Bridge
  7. Use To Laugh
  8. Fight All You Can
  9. Mighty Souls
  10. Sleeping Bag O Wire
  11. Seesaw

Upon the Bridge brings listeners closer to the overall concept of the entire works of Groundation. All 4 previous albums have led to this point. Picking up where We Free (2004) left off, Upon the Bridge is the individual’s journey beyond their known world to a bridge of mythic proportion. In their search of hope and prosperity the individual must make the journey across the bridge leading them to an unknown future.

Keeping with the Groundation practice of joining their original and distinctive sound with the foundation that is Reggae music, the album will feature the voices of two Jamaican legends (to be named shortly). Upon the Bridge will take music lovers and fans of deep conscious music to new heights as the group demonstrates their evolution in the arrangements, songwriting, and studio creativity of Groundation in 2006.