1. Run The Plan
  2. Everyone Could Lose
  3. So Blind
  4. Time Come
  5. By All Means
  6. Blues Away
  7. Not So Simple
  8. Here I Am
  9. You Can Profit
  10. Beatin Heart
  11. Walk Upright
  12. Golan to Galilee

Here I Am is the sixth full-length studio release from California-based international fusion-music pioneers, Groundation. On full display is Groundation’s signature style of crystallizing the ongoing worldwide struggle for consciousness, into an amalgam of drum and bass-heavy Roots Reggae, the swirling horns and organs of Jazz/Funk fusion, and the masterful production of truly transcendental Dub.

Here I Am picks up where the previous albums left off—in a collective and linear story, that seeks to interpret the truly historic times we are living in. Among the many voices featured on the album, Groundation singers Kim Pommell and Stephanie Wallce, Reggae legends: The Congos, Pablo Moses and of course, the enigmatic Groundation frontman, Harrison Stafford.

Here I Am is just what it sounds like: a declaration of presence and a commitment to action.