After their 14th and most extensive worldwide tour to date, Groundation will release their seventh studio album, entitled “Building An Ark,” on March 20, 2012 via M’A Publishing/Soulbeats Records. On this album, the group develops his dream and vision to create an ark in order to preserve knowledge and positive consciousness.

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The video “Humility” tells the story of a young prince who loses his home, the kingdom of his tyrant father, and wanders the land searching for a new home and kingdom. He is told by a wise old man that a magical key will unlock the door to this kingdom. He searches and searches without luck. We find him living a humble life, now an old man, as he reminisces over his life. A sudden spark of inspiration moves the prince to try the key one last time and in doing so is transformed into a king and his cottage into a castle where he rules over the land with compassion and kindness.

Video Credits:

Produced by Groundation, Grounded Music, Soulbeats Records, VP Records, Surforeggae Label, Infinite Mind Media

Director, Writer, Animator, Editor: Roger Landon Hall
Cinematography: Sean Slater
Production Design: Rox Scapini
Illustration: Angelique Benicio
Key Grip: Daniel Esser
Puppet Master: Rob Cross
Adapted from “The Princess Without a Castle” by Pedro Pablo Sacristan”

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